When you can afford to work with top music professionals...
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SongOneCorp offers a range of services from Demonstration/Master Recordings to full commercial CHR/Top 40 styled record production. Due to the fact that SongOneCorp also has a major distributed label deal it offers a one-stop solution to those artists able to afford to work with the top professionals in the business. It is important to understand that working with this company requires the proper funding. Why? The better an artist is funded the more options they have at their disposal... It's not something that we consider to be fair but it, however, does represent the reality of the music business. The better funded you are the more likely it is that you will be exposed to the masses in the same manner as the top artists of our time.

SongOnCorp at Quad Studios New York City

SongOneCorp Platinum selling recording artist "Experience Unlimited" (E.U.) of # 1 Da Butt fame ...working with Grammy Award Winning recording engineer Andros Rodriguez at Quad Studios New York City...

Services Available:

National Radio Promotion Campaign (All Radio Formats)

Artist Development ( recording, performance, physical training, learning the business, etc.)

Full Commercial Record Production (New York City, Atlanta, Miami's South Beach, Rhode Island, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Baltimore, Maryland)

Full Commercial Video Production and Editing (on location or at our in-house facilities)

Professional Photo Shoots (all types)

Publicity Campaigns (Major/National)

Major Distribution (SONY and Interscope)

Copyright Registration Services

Assignment of ISRC (in connection with other services only)

[NOTE: SongOneCorp is an "approved manager" under the RIAA which allows the company to issue ISRCs for digital recordings]