When you can afford to work with top music professionals...
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"Heather K" is the V.P. of A&R for SongOneCorp's record label division. Her ears are the first set of ears that will hear all music submitted to SongOneCorp. Below she has shared some of the most frequently asked questions...

What if I cannot afford to work with your company?

If you are an artist with more talent than money we would be more than happy to connect you with a low-cost alternative to bring your current music aspirations to life. Truly. Test us on that please. It will, however, still require that you have some sort of basis of payment but certainly not as much as what would be required to afford our premium services.

What are the first processes your company goes through with artists you accept for commercial record production?

The first processes we go through include but are not limited to the selection of songs, being certain of the proper keys for the singers to record the songs in, providing the most comfortable environment for recording, mapping out the National Strategy, Etc. If that environment means flying the artist to Miami's South Beach or some isloated island to work then so be it. If the artist fits into the scheme of the big city then we may elect to work with them in New York City. We find that working in New York City has so many more benefits to artists than some of the other locations we work out of.

Why do I need to have a budget?

Let's see here... Although we have all of the services necessary to achieve success in the music business, and we do, none of the services professionals offer come for "free." It does not matter if the professional is Doctor, Lawyer, a Superstar Recording Engineer, or a Hit Record Producer... All of their services have, most often, costs associated with them. It is extremely important for artists to, first of all, take an interest in learning the aspects of the music business. This is also an area our staff provides great assistance to artists in.

How much of a budget would it require for me to have the same type of National Campaign recording artists are accustomed to on major distributed labels?

There is no one-size-fits all answer to that question but please understand this:

Our premium services start at thousands of dollars and then quickly jump to tens of thousands of dollars. In order for an artist who's been overlooked by the major labels or who has had no direct link to a major distributed label to compete they must be on the same level playing field. We can provide the bridge needed to bring musical dreams to fruition.

The only difference between you being signed directly with the label is that, with us, you'd be a major priority but with them you'd get lost in the crowd. One thing a lot of artists fail to understand is that even when you are signed with a major label there is still the need for outside investment in many cases. The founders of this company only started to realize major success when they started investing in thing such as high profile publicists and qualified staffers.

For example:

In the case of the company's founders, who were signed with Capitol Records, Virgin Records, Elektra Records, and Epic Records, it wasn't until they invested their own money into things like publicity campaigns and web-based campaigns that they went from selling 200,000 albums (on average) to selling millions of albums and reaching the absolute top of the Billboard Charts. [#1]

If you would like to be considered to be signed, produced, and released on a major distributed label please fill out the form on the Home Page to the best of your ability and a representative shall be in touch with you. Please include any and all links to your works as well. (if possible)